I.T. as an Enabler to Solve Social Issues

Along with the advancement in technology all over the world, there are many Social Issues as well which need undivided attention of us all. Illiteracy, poverty, public safety, corruption, unemployment, senior citizen abuse etc. are increasing at an alarming rate. New developments in Information technology do provide an alternate path to tackle these problems. Let us take a look at some of the solutions provided by I.T. in solving the social issues:


Illiteracy is the state where an individual is unable to read and write. It is a great hurdle in the economic development of any country. With the introduction of online courses and virtual teaching, technology can help making education accessible to everybody in the urban and rural area. This will also help government having lack of resources to maintain a well-trained staff as virtual teaching requires a lesser number of teachers.


Corruption is another big social issue which the world is dealing with since decades. People who are in power follow various unethical ways for private gains. Fully automating the tax collection, salary disbursement and work spaces can help in curbing the corruption as there are very rare changes of any mistake in the technologically developed tools.


When a nation has high illiteracy rate and corrupt officials, it is very likely for poverty to prevail there. It is the right of every human on this Earth to get access to all the basic needs and lead a good life. Technology can help eliminating this by creating more jobs and wider options for people to work and economically sustain themselves.

Senior Citizen Abuse & Isolation

These days people are really busy in their lives and often ignore their grandparents and parents. They feel isolated and technology here can help alleviate some of their isolation via video conferencing and phone calls. This way they can feel near to their family members not physically but virtually.

Public Safety

Reports of kidnappings, rape, snatching, ambushes are the cases which we unfortunately, read daily in newspaper. Technology can play a very important role in lowering down such cases. For e.g. IoT enabled personal devices with face recognition technology can be connected to a database containing records of the criminals to proactively warn people of them in close proximity. This will alert people and may help in reducing the chances of occurrence of any mishappening.
However, the solutions seem to be really nice and great solutions to curb these social issues but building pioneering technology to tackle all such problems is a challenging task. We must pay a little attention towards such holistic solutions to contract the occurrence of such unfortunate incidences.


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