Information Technology (IT) Process Automation


"Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. Automation applied to an in-efficient operation will magnify the in-efficiency - Bill Gates"

Daily, we go through a process grind at our workplaces, the efficiency of the laid down process can largely affect our efficiency and productivity in turn of the organization as a whole. So it is very important to build efficient processes, automating them in a way to further enhance their efficiency.
Few questions come to mind though,
  • Why we need not fear automation?
  • What is the need to analyze and monitor an efficient process?
  • How can automation be a business opportunity to improve efficiency and productivity?
Automation isn’t something that we should fear, but rather something that we should embrace. It will not replace us, but rather make our jobs easier and more efficient. For example, IT process automation can reduce the need for manual script writing. A self-correcting mechanism can reduce the need for IT support staff to step in and perform routine tasks, such as run scripts, monitor logs, reset passwords, restart servers and much more.
Does it mean we would have a nameless, faceless workplace that is filled with computers rather than people? No. Because, in most cases the tasks that are automated are meant to be automated. The process can generate meaningful data, day in and day out. With automation, there is an option to focus our energies on analyzing that meaningful data for which human input is necessary and take prudent business decisions.
In fact, automation can sometimes be a game changing opportunity in a business for many reasons. Primarily, it can drastically reduce the risk of costly errors. Repetitive manual tasks can at some point have errors – especially when one is under lot of stress. One simple error can cause huge ripple effects across the entire organization and even result in lost revenue. Shifting to automation for these tasks can eliminate this danger. It does present a huge opportunity for organizations to not only save money, improve efficiency and output, reduce errors but much more
While automation will most certainly fuel business growth, the fact is, businesses will always need human touch. Analyzing, Communicating and taking corrective actions require human input and no way can be replaced by any high end technology. So, IT process automation shall complement and support our efforts to grow further and build products which meet both client expectations and high standards of quality.


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