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Web Designing: Importance and Latest Trends

With the advancement in internet facility, the customers are no longer attracted manually visit a particular place for enjoying any service. Rather, people love to sit at home and enjoy the services through internet. This attitude of people has created a great opportunity for business organizations to use the option of coming up with an attractive website design to lure more customers. It includes planning, creation and updating of the website, but when combined with the word design, its ambit widens than just being mere a usability.

But, the modern day definition or meaning of web design not only concentrates on the technical details of a website, but also focuses on the functionalities of a website. The functionalities may include possibilities of adding and removing content to update the website and thereby, enforcing a system of content management and such other features which are useful for and visible to the users.
Importance of web design As stated earlier as well that every busin…

Information Technology (IT) Process Automation

"Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. Automation applied to an in-efficient operation will magnify the in-efficiency - Bill Gates" Daily, we go through a process grind at our workplaces, the efficiency of the laid down process can largely affect our efficiency and productivity in turn of the organization as a whole. So it is very important to build efficient processes, automating them in a way to further enhance their efficiency.
Few questions come to mind though,
Why we need not fear automation?What is the need to analyze and monitor an efficient process? How can automation be a business opportunity to improve efficiency and productivity? Automation isn’t something that we should fear, but rather something that we should embrace. It will not replace us, but rather make our jobs easier and more efficient. For example, IT process automation can reduce the need for manual script writing. A …

New Generation Databases


I.T. as an Enabler to Solve Social Issues

Along with the advancement in technology all over the world, there are many Social Issues as well which need undivided attention of us all. Illiteracy, poverty, public safety, corruption, unemployment, senior citizen abuse etc. are increasing at an alarming rate. New developments in Information technology do provide an alternate path to tackle these problems. Let us take a look at some of the solutions provided by I.T. in solving the social issues:
Illiteracy Illiteracy is the state where an individual is unable to read and write. It is a great hurdle in the economic development of any country. With the introduction of online courses and virtual teaching, technology can help making education accessible to everybody in the urban and rural area. This will also help government having lack of resources to maintain a well-trained staff as virtual teaching requires a lesser number of teachers.
Corruption Corruption is another big social issue which the world is dealing with si…